Our mission: To maintain a friendly space for women (cis/trans) to make video games and learn new skills from each other.


Make Play Code is a Brighton-based collective of women who are interested in game development at all skill levels. Make Play Code is free to attend and managed as a collective. We have one regular social meet-up a month, and anybody who wants to run a workshop or set up a social event can do so. We want to:

  • Learn to make video games
  • Work together to share knowledge and skills
  • Get more women into making video games
  • Foster a friendly, creative community
  • Make game development accessible, casual, and non-intimidating


Members of Make Play Code are women who make games, or who want to learn to make games. Anybody who attends a Brighton-based Make Play Code social event is considered a member. Members can actively participate in Make Play Code to any degree that they want to: some members run workshops, create learning resources and maintain our online activity, while others simply join us at social events for coffee and a catch-up. All members can contribute to conversations and decision-making regarding the mission and activities of Make Play Code as a group.

In the spirit of sharing knowledge to help each other grow, our lovely member Siobhan has compiled a bunch of the resources we’ve made or found useful.

Find it here!

We’ve made a whole bunch of games!

Check them out on itch.io

Want to find out more about Make Play Code? Send us a message on social media via links on this page or via email at hello@makeplaycode.com! 🙂