Our mission: To maintain a friendly space for women (cis/trans) to make video games and learn new skills from each other.


Make Play Code is a Brighton-based collective of women who are interested in game development at all skill levels. Make Play Code is free to attend and managed as a collective. We have one regular social meet-up a month, and anybody who wants to run a workshop or set up a social event can do so. We want to:

  • Learn to make video games
  • Work together to share knowledge and skills
  • Get more women into making video games
  • Foster a friendly, creative community
  • Make game development accessible, casual, and non-intimidating


Members of Make Play Code are women who make games, or who want to learn to make games. Anybody who attends a Brighton-based Make Play Code social event is considered a member. Members can actively participate in Make Play Code to any degree that they want to: some members run workshops, create learning resources and maintain our online activity, while others simply join us at social events for coffee and a catch-up. All members can contribute to conversations and decision-making regarding the mission and activities of Make Play Code as a group.

We've made a whole bunch of games!

In the spirit of sharing knowledge to help each other grow, our lovely member Siobhan has compiled a bunch of the resources we've made or found useful.

Find it here!


We host a bunch of different events including brunch, evening 'brunch', and daytrips! They're usually open to newcomers and usually free to attend. You don't have to tell us if you're coming along but it's nice if you do.

Here are our upcoming events! You can also find them on our Facebook page

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Code of Conduct

It is our belief that tech and games industries have a particular need for inclusive policies.

As such, we have a Code of Conduct that we expect all participants of Make Play Code events to abide by.

Read the Code of Conduct
Want to find out more about Make Play Code? Send us a message on social media via links on this page or via email at
hello@makeplaycode.com! 🙂