Eurovision Jam Along

It’s Eurovision Time!

It’s been a tradition for Make Play Code members to watch Eurovision together and chat along, so this year we’re taking it one step further and jamming along to the song contest.

The Aims of the Jam:

    Make a game (of any kind, physical, digital, etc) using any tools (paper, Bitsy, Twine, Unity, Pico-8)
    Theme the game around the sights, sounds and spectacle of Eurovision
    Be inspired by this year, previous years, or the concept of Eurovision as a whole
    The jam starts when Eurovision begins and ends at 6pm Sunday evening to give you time to regret your choices

We’ll be hosting a Make Play Code watch of Eurovision/Jam-Along but remote games are more than welcome!

Make Play Code is a video game girl gang based in Brighton, UK. A lot of us really like watching Eurovision.


May 18 - 19 2019


8:00 pm - 6:00 pm


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